What to Cook (and not cook)





What to Cook:

What you can cook can be impacted by whether you visit during an Open Oven or by booking the oven.

Open Ovens: Pizzas, roast vegetables or anything completely wrapped in aluminium foil. We recommend making pizzas on site with fresh dough and ingredients. For ready-to-bake pizzas we recommend getting your pie from Stone Pizza, the deli section at a local Superstore, or any other pie that has a pre-baked crust.

The baking or cooking of any other foods is not possible during Open Oven times as the oven is normally quite busy and optimised for cooking pizzas.

Bookings:  Only your imagination limits what can be prepared in the oven!

    • Anything you can cook in a cast iron pot or pan (Steak, burgers, bacon, eggs and more).
    • Anything you can wrap in foil and place in the coals (fish, sweet potato, beets and more).
    • Anything you can bake in a pan (ensure that your pan is rated for 800F or higher).
    • Assorted bread or tortillas to bake.

What not to Cook 

  • Frozen pizzas
  • Pre-made pizzas on a pan or sheet when the crust is not pre-baked
  • Raw meat toppings for pizzas (All meat toppings should be pre-cooked before topping your pizza)