Open Oven

Whether you are visiting for an Open Oven or a Booking, planning your trip to the Park Avenue Community Oven will help ensure fun for all. Reviewing the information on this page is important, especially for first-time visitors.

Open Oven or Booking?

Choose Open Oven if:

  • Groups no larger than 15 to 20 people
  • Plan to cook pizzas (Or easy to roast items like foiled veggies)

Choose Bookings if:

  • Groups of any size
  • Need a specific date
  • Plan to cook pizzas or;
  • Plan to cook other food items that might require a different temperature (Bread, deserts etc.)

Open Oven Schedule

Please check our Hours & Availability page for a complete list of dates and times.

Open Oven Details

  • Open Oven, as the name suggests is a time when the oven is open to any community member to come to cook. No booking required.
  • The Park Oven can get pretty busy during some Open Ovens – so bring your patience, it is worth the wait!
  • All food being cooked needs to be in the oven no later than 2:45 pm.

What we Provide:

  • Several picnic tables are located around the oven.
  • 3 large stainless steel countertops for food preparation with room to fit 9-12 people preparing food at a time.
  • Pizza peels large enough to make 10-12 inch pizzas.
  • Running water (June to September only).
  • The oven and the wood to heat it.
  • Trained volunteers to keep the oven fire lit.

Everything else must be brought by the visitor.

Open Oven Planning Checklist

Click HERE to view the checklist

Cancellation Policy

We will issue a cancellation for weather 12-24 hours in advance of an event if the weather forecast:

  • Has a great than 50% chance of precipitation, and;
  • Precipitation is expected to be rain (or snow!?!) e.g. Not showers, drizzle etc. or;
  • A weather warning has been issued by Environment Canada.


There is no cost to visit during an Open Oven.


There are no washrooms at the oven site (yet) but there are public washrooms available nearby at Alderney Landing or the Halifax Transit Bridge Terminal.