Terms and Conditions

We are not lawyers so don’t expect too much official legal speak here (none actually).

Visitor responsibilities (Persons booking or visiting the oven)

  • Share the space freely with others, including seating areas, countertops and the oven;
  • Ensure you clean up after yourself including countertops, pizza peels and other utensils provided by the Park Oven;
  • Always place waste into the appropriate bins or take it with you when you leave


  • The Park Oven is a volunteer organization;
  • Oven events such as booking requests and Open Oven are never guaranteed and can be impacted by many conditions such as;
    • The weather;
    • Volunteer availability;
    • Other factors
  • Since oven events are never guaranteed, payment is only accepted the day of your booking (Open Oven is free but bring your own ingredients);
  • We do not schedule rain dates;
  • You should have a backup plan for if the oven is unable to be used on the date you wish to visit;

Other stuff

  • At our discretion, we will book the oven to more than 1 group at the same time, primarily for 2 smaller groups;

We reserve the right to add, delete or modify the contents of these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.