Celebrating Food & Volunteers at the Park Avenue Community Oven (VIDEO)

WARNING, the following video will probably make you hungry! The footage was recorded in Autumn 2015, during the last time the original Park Oven was used before being rebuilt. The video highlights our amazing volunteers as well as the versatility of the oven. Watch as our volunteers prepare pizzas, bake hand-pressed tortillas, cook in cast iron pans and roast meat directly on the coals!

This is the first of two videos and was produced to document and share the Park Oven story. The second video will cover a community workshop hosted by Kim Thompson and Volker Klum that taught integral skills in constructing and maintaining a cob oven. The hope is these videos will inspire other groups interested in having community ovens in public parks.

The workshop was thanks to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation as they provided the funding to make it happen. We were also provided additional funding to expand our urban orchard as a means to provide community members with access to fruit and nut harvests, and an opportunity to learn about cultivating these crops.

Amazing food is one of the many perks of being a volunteer at the Park Oven, Garden, and Orchard. Check us out because “we’re gettin’ there” and “we’re are open to all shapes of tortilla” 🙂

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