1 thought on “Change of Venue for Tonight’s Committee Meeting

  1. After attending the meeting last night, I paid a visit to the site to view the oven under construction. I was surprised by the size of the structure but knowing nothing about such projects, I am hoping it is not excessive to fulfill the needs of the project.
    I think in many aspects you put the cart before the horse and feel that policy and procedure re the oven (not the approval of the project) should have been in place before construction was started. I was surprised by the list of additional agenda items that time did not permit you to address and I got the distinct impression that the grant available for a short period of time perhaps forced your group to act before you were truly ready.

    One thought that has been on my mind that did not come up at the meeting concerns the legal responsibility for the structure. Who is legally responsible for the oven? Who will take responsibility if someone gets injured while taking part in one of your group activities or while at the site during “non group” activities?

    I truly do applaud your enthusiasm for the project and I wish you all the best with your endevor.

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