Booking Information

Please carefully read all of the information below.

Booking the oven is an ideal way to visit when you are; unable to visit during open oven times, have a larger group (10+) or looking to try cooking foods other than pizzas or foil-wrapped meats and veggies.

For groups larger than 10 people, it is highly recommended you consider booking the oven to help avoid the oven from becoming too congested during Open Oven times.

For groups of 10 or fewer people, it is highly recommended you consider visiting during Open Oven times. It requires a lot of wood to be burned and volunteer hours, so, when possible we try to maximise the number of people using the oven when it is being lit.

Check out our Planning Your Visit page for tips and information that will help make your visit to the Park Oven an enjoyable one.

Note: If you are booking on behalf of an organisation and wish to hold a special event (fundraiser, customer appreciation etc.) for guests outside of the organisation, we’d be happy to help. Similar to regular bookings, the event planning remains your responsibility, while we will provide the venue and trained volunteers to operate the oven. Before submitting a booking request for a special event, email us to ensure we are the proper venue for your event.

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