Step 1 of 3 – Availability

* A minimum 3 weeks is required for all booking requests to be processed and scheduled. NO EXCEPTIONS *


  • Bookings are for 90 minutes of cooking time. You are still welcome to enjoy the park before, during and after your cooking time.
  • Cooking and clean-up should be completed 30 minutes before the next booking begins.
  • All events must end 30 minutes before sunset. 

How scheduling for your request works

  • We will reserve your time slot in the calendar when you submit a request. (You will normally receive an email confirming this within a day or two. If you do not receive a confirmation email, contact to check the status of your request)
  • We will attempt to schedule volunteers 2-3 weeks prior to the date of your booking date
  • You will receive your final confirmation via email approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your booking date

Note: Cancellations do happen. In addition to bad weather, we can never guarantee that volunteers will be available for the date you have requested. We do our best to fulfill as many of the requests we receive though! 

Cancellation Policy

We will issue a cancellation for weather 12-24 hours in advance of an event if the weather forecast:

  • Has a great than 50% chance of precipitation, and;
  • Precipitation is expected to be rain (or snow!?!) e.g. Not showers, drizzle etc. or;
  • Weather warning have been issued by Environment Canada.

If you need to cancel your booking request, our volunteers really appreciate you letting them know as soon as possible. This lets them clear there personal schedule and plan other activities if they will not be volunteering.

Calendar Legend

  • Free Slot: Available to request
  • Blocked: Unavailable – not enough time left to schedule a request
  • Reserved: Unavailable – scheduling a booking request in progress
  • Closed: Unavailable – the community oven is closed
  • Open Oven: This time is open to all community members to visit the oven and cook. See Open Oven for details.
  • <NAME> (NAME/NAME): A scheduled booking. Requestor’s name followed by the volunteer names within brackets.

Please review calendar and choose a date and free slot to request. Click the links at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Note: If this calendar does not populate with information, it is likely due to Google services being blocked from the computer or device you are visiting from. 

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