About Park Oven

Grow, Cook & Eat Together

In August 2012, the Park Avenue Community Oven (PACO) opened in Leighton Dillman Park. Designed and built by Eco-Developments, the project was an initiative of the Dartmouth Common Community Gardens and a group of committed citizens.

Vision for the Oven

The Park Avenue Community Oven will provide an inclusive venue for community gatherings and events centered on food education and enjoyment.

Our objectives include:

  • The maintenance and continuous improvement of the Park Oven, Garden, and Orchard
  • Hosting events for community members
  • Sharing resources and knowledge, working together for the common good
  • Increasing accessibility to fruits and vegetables

Siting of the Oven

Much consideration was given to siting the structure. Below are some of the elements discussed while choosing the current site for the oven:

  • Proximity to community gardens – opportunity to extend education about growing food to cooking food.
  • Connection to the Dartmouth Commons Community Gardens group – established organized group of individuals able to oversee, develop and maintain community oven.
  • Proximity to water spigot
  • Flat grade – decreases construction cots and allows for people to easily gather and sit around the oven
  • Orientation – away from prevailing winds off the harbor; face the Park Avenue gate so that people will see it and feel welcomed
  • Accessibility – close to gate, along path and on flat ground enables easy access to the site for people with mobility issues.
  • Connection with the history of citizen activism in creating public spaces in Leighton Dillman Park
  • Partnership with HRM Parks – support for monitoring and maintaining the site

2 thoughts on “About Park Oven

  1. I just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea. Good job to those who put the effort in to make it happen.

    How does one go about getting access to the oven? I am not a member of a community group, but just a resident who would be interested in trying it out sometime.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Gregor- we’re working now on adding more information and a schedule to this page. In the meantime we are inviting anyone interested to a weekly training/information session at the oven on Saturday mornings where members of the committee will light the oven and train those interested in using it, how to safely open and close the structure around the oven, readying it for a lunchtime cooking and sharing advice on cook times (which we’re learning as we go). If you are interested in being trained or simply bringing some food along to cook in the oven, you can find details on our FB page. https://www.facebook.com/ParkAvenueCommunityOven

    As we train more community members on how to use the oven we will be able to schedule more regular events.

    Watch for that schedule and more here in the near future.


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